If ordering apparel made from ready-to-wear pieces (i.e. appliqued/embellished t-shirts, jeans, onesies and rompers) please scoll down for maufacturer provided sizing guidelines. 

Our custom designed apparel runs true to age.  When choosing sizes for these pieces we suggest that you choose the size closet to the child's age and in conjunction with his/her store-bought size.  When considering the child's store bought size, we suggest using the size purchased for fitted apparel, like jeans or a no-stretch dress. 

We like to note that most of our custom apparel items (through the use of elastic, multiple sizing buttons and other techniques) are designed to last the child a number of seasons so slight variations from the standard age measurements are usually not a problem.

When designing our custom apparel pieces we refer to the Standard Sizing Guide pictured below (Please note: these are body measurements, NOT finished garment measurements).

If you feel the child varies significantly from these measurements given their standard size/age or you are otherwise concerned about fit, we welcome you to provide us with the child's measurements.    When measuring the child, please do so without clothing and make sure to measure snuggly around the indexes listed below.  You may enter the child's measurements along with his/her typical store bought size in the 'special instructions' box on any of the order pages.
Sizing Information
Please use the guides referenced below for help in choosing appropriate sizes for our embellished apparel.  Measurements listed are finished garment measurements as specified by the manufacturer. 

As they are direct from the manufacturer, embellished items cannot be altered for fit.  All jeans have adjustable waistbands (12 and 18 mos jeans have elastic back); waist measurements listed are with adjustable bands fully opened.