Bling Bows
The perfect choice for dressy outfits or for girls who just love to sparkle.  Our Bling Bows are available in boutique or layered fold and feature fantastic resin slides carved to look like sparkly diamonds! 
Bling Bow - $6.50
Boutique or Layered fold with choice of ribbon slide.  ***Don't forget to add GripStrips at the bottom of the page for girls with extra fine hair!!***

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Our Boutique Bling Bows (left) are made with 7/8 inch ribbon and measure approximately 4 inches.  The Layered Bling Bows (right) are made with 5/8 inch ribbon and measure approximately 3 inches.  Each is custom made with precision and care using your choice of grosgrain ribbon, clip and ribbon slide.  As always, all ends are professionally heat-sealed to prevent fraying and extend the life of your bow.   
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Add GripStrips - $0.50
The ideal way to make sure those clips don't slip!  Available for bows made on pinch clips ONLY.  Click on the picture for more information.   You must add GripStrips separately for each bow.  Enter the color of the bow in the "which bow?" box.  To add GripStrips to all bows ordered please update the quantity in your cart to reflect the total number of bows ordered and enter "ALL" in the special instructions box.

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