Bald Baby Bows (TM)

Think your baby doesn't have enough hair for a hair bow?  Think again!  Our Bald Baby Bows have been uniquely crafted to hold in baby fine, barely there hair.  Forget those silly headbands, velcro bows and glued on bows; our Bald Baby Bows(TM) are guaranteed to stay put whether your baby has just a wisp of hair or even just peach fuzz!

Never again hear "What's HIS name?" or, 
"HE's so cute!"  You'll love how these bows shout "I'm a girl" without overpowering her.

Each is custom made for your baby and is handcrafted with precision and care using only the finest quality grosgrain ribbon.  Additionally, all ends are professionally heat-sealed to prevent fraying and extend the life of your bow.   

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Bald Baby(TM) Bow Collections
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